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My first day at Fontys School of Engineering and Automotive

Today was my first day at Fontys School of Engineering and Automotive in Eindhoven. For those who think this is only about technology: they are wrong. My day started with lots of flowers and cake with coffee with my new colleaques.



A great way to start a new job in one of the most innovative regions of Europe: third best region to invest in after London and Helsinki. The Financial Times about Eindhoven today: “The Dutch city of Eindhoven was also a new entry to the Top 25, ranking third. The city ranked first in the FDI Strategy category for all small European cities, thanks in part to its offer of incubation facilities at both the High Tech Campus in the city and the University of Technology Science Park, as well as its provision of ‘soft-landing’ services, which allow investors to establish links and develop a base in the city. Eindhoven also scored well in the Infrastructure category, ranking fourth of all small European cities. “

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  1. Congratulations Ella with your new job! Kind regards, Jan

    Reactie door Jan H Jansen | februari 18, 2014

  2. Lots of success Ella!

    Reactie door Hans Mestrum | februari 18, 2014

  3. Heel veel succes, Ella!

    Reactie door Lex Eggink | februari 18, 2014

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