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Visiting MIT Medialab

Janne Reessink and I just arrived at the Kendall Station.

Goal of our visit is to make appointments about a masterclass at the intersection of art, science and technology ‘to visualize the invisible’, that probably will take place next October. We have worked out our plans very carefully. And now will work them out in detail with Eric Rosenbaum, inventor of the MakeyMakey.

It was in 2008 that I visited  the MIT Medialab for the first time with Janne Reessink. Janne spotted Glorianna Davenport , and we organised a masterclass about storytelling at de Informatica Communicatie Academie at HAN University, where I used to work at that time. Ever since we keep in touch. Glorianna opened the Fablab at HAN University, which we started in july 2010. And 2009 we organized a masterclass by the X-Pollinates with students and lecturers of the Faculty of Engineering, also at HAN University.

The medialab always gets me very inspired: the space for experimenting, the passion, small researchgroups. And although people are very busy, they are always ready to talk about their work to us. We are very excited to meet again this week. Probably there are interesting connections to make with our School of Music at ArtEZ.

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