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Last month, students ArtEZ Art&Design (Zwolle) and student ArtEZ Musicproduction, Sounddesigners, Popmusicians (Enschede) worked lipsync together while working in separate institutions at a 100km distance. Last week I talked to some of the students. They told me this workshops were amazing and een great experience. Why? One of the design students answered: ‘Because it is interesting while designing, I immediately get feed back from the musicians I was working with. They see my movie from their point of view and sooften give a different interpretation than I intended. This gives me new ideas, and so on.’ Is there more to add?

First an impression about the start of the workshops by RobinNoorda:

And now the Soundscapes: the painting of soundscapes on large rolls of paper. The annotation score without musical notes and a timeline. If this looks exciting in terms of landscape, there will be a guarantee for an interesting tension in the composition (by Robin Noorda):

Workshop by Robin Noorda, produced by ArtEZ Bureau Zwolle* research and projects. More video’s with the results of these workshops on ArtEZ Bureau Zwolle.

Our IT department also did a great job to make this work.

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