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Dutch Music Design (2)

Ever heard a political speech in a music composition? JacobTV, artist in residence at the ArtEZ Conservatory, manages to compose contemporary music mixed with pop, soundbites and video.  In his compositions he involves actual themes like war, prisoners, political speeches.

The Dutch Jacob Ter Veldhuis (alias Jacob TV) is an famous componist in the USA and lives in Los Angeles. He is very famous for his new approach of composing. His work is innovative and is related to the world around us. On January 27th he was in the televisionprogram ‘De wereld draait door’. In this program part of his video opera ‘The News’ was shown.

From 5 until 10th of July you can meet him at the Zwart Festival in Zwolle. He really is an example of the 21st Century Musician. 

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