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Bach, Pablo Casals and O2jam





Last weeks I read a wonderful book: cello suites by Eric Siblin.

Eric Siblin is a journalist, living in Montreal. He studied history, plays the guitar and used to be a pop music critic for The Montreal Gazette.  And then he discovered the Cello Suites by Bach. It took him five years to do research on the Cello Suites and Pablo Casals who discovered the cello suites at the age of 14, in a obscure musicshop in Barcelona. He even learned to play the cello himself to get more involved.


He writes about the amazing Pablo Casals and his interpretation of the Cello Suites.


Last night I read the chapter about how Bach is still alive and kicking: in 2006, 20-years old  dj Danny Straton (alias DV 8) won the Bach Oregon Festival with a mix of Bach fugue G-minor. An briljant example about how music does not fit in a box. I did not find the remix made by DV 8, but looking on google to find the remix, to my surprise there are many remix examples of Bach’s music. An example of a remix by O2jam.


I never will listen to Bach at the same way again after reading this book. A lifechanging book for everybody who loves Bach.

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