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‘I am a sucker for harmony’

kasteel biljoen by martin werker

What a great day! After our weekly running tour, my runningmates Willy and Fennieke took me to a               beautiful place: a little bench at the lake of Biljoen castle. And there they gave me a wonderful present:




The sound of the Westcoast by Leo Blokhuis. A small beautiful box which contains a small book and four cd’s with the music of the westcoast from 1965-1979. And with every track a small story. I started listening and reading at the same time and could not stop. So many sweet memories. Although there are songs I never heard of before. The box is a tribute to popmusic. In fragments of interviews on his blog Leo tells us about his fascination for music of the Westcoast. And, to my surprise, it started with his early experiences in church: the music of Bach and the churchchoir. ‘I’m a sucker for harmony’. Is not it wonderful where classical music can lead us to?

Thank you, Willy and Fennieke, for this unique collection of the music of my youth.


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