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It is a great initiative of Natascha, Michael and Jean-Marc, teaching at our conservatory at ArtEZ, to ask musicians with a not very common carreer to tell our students about how it happened. Today Avalu was here. She told us about her music carreer, starting with classical piano, theatre, jazz, and now pop. And also about trying her own style, just in between. She writes her own songs and her own music. This really is a story about the musician of the 21st century. We do not always have to look at the other end of the world. It  just happens  here, around the corner, in Arnhem.

A quote from her website:

It took us five years to find the kind of music that adds something to that which is already there,’ says Lavalu. ‘This is the sound that I always dreamed of. I tried out various names for it, from ‘Nu Pop’ to ‘jazzpoprocktriphop’, but it never seemed to cover the feel of it. I cannot describe it. I can only say that the pop genre is intertwined with jazz, classical music, triphop and other musical elements. So I just say something like Radiohead asking Tori Amos for a dance while Miles Davis is beating time.’


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