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Instrumental Dance Music

A very creative experiment of dance music by a ensemble of classical music.


What means classical? Just read column by Alex Ross, columnist New York Times, in his great book ‘Listen to this’, who is very sceptical about the word ‘classical’ music. He writes: ‘I hate “classical music”: not the thing but the name. It traps a tenacioiusly living art in a theme park of the past. …. I wish there were another name.”


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music for science

The USA Science & Engineering Festival asks musicians from all over the world to create a song for the 2nd US Science & Engineering Festival. :

‘ Depending on your musical style, you can choose to enter your song into one of the two categories below:

  1. Create a song that gets kids (ages 2-10) interested in science or engineering
  2. Create a song that shows middle and high-school age students how cool a career in the sciences can be
All genres are welcome: Rock, Pop, Country, Rap, Adult Contemporary, Modern Rock, Jazz, New Age, Opera, etc. You can sing it solo or with your friends, with your choir or band, in unison or harmony, with accompaniment or a cappella, as long as the words and music are your idea and the entire Song is your original idea.’
Prize for the 2 winning Songs: $500 each (and knowing that your Song will be heard and sung by hundreds of thousands of science enthusiasts across the country)’


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