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The musician of the 21st century and digital media

Denkbeeldhouwer mentioned Erwin Blom’s weblog about Art and Business. He blogs:

musicians, moviemakers, writers and painters of the future also need the skills of publishers, record companies, movieproducers of artgaleries when it comes to involve public. This is because contact between the artist and his public is more and more about digital media. Digital media is about communication and communication needs to be personal. His work has to be a part of his communication. If there really is a connection between the artist and his public, the public wants to support the artist: to buy his product, to support him financially , to go to his concerts, etc.

To attract his public the artist needs to tell a story: smart concepts that people like to share with each other.

If it is true what Erwin Blom blogs (and who will deny this?), artists need to improve their skills when it comes to social media. They need to know how social media works, to make their own weblog, to expose their work on the web, to make their own website. Maybe training these skills should be part of the curriculum in the conservatory.


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