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Creative connections with Berklee

This week I visit Cambridge/Boston for the third time, meeting people we know, and do not yet know, from MIT-medialab. As always Janne Reessink is with me. Janne who is a genius in making knew creative connections. Because of my knew job as a Dean at the school of music at ArtEZ , we were looking for knew connections at Berklee. So, Janne contacted Mitch Benoff. Why Mich Benoff, just one professor between 400 others that teach at Berklee?

Because of what he wrote in his biography:

‘I believe in being straight-up and honest. Students want the bar set high. They appreciate the challenge and the call to excellence. At the same time, it is school. We use real-world models and goals, but the nice thing is that school is a great environment to make lots of mistakes and learn from them, without professional repercussions.’


‘You should also be as well rounded and worldly as possible. The richer the person, the better the producer.’

It could have come out of our hearts. This is exactly what we believe in. And Mitch did not disappoint us. As he came in last night, with his black hat, he is a gentleman and just as charming as he looks like at the picture in his biography. I write about our appointment in my next blog. First I want to tell something about Berklee.

Berklee is probably the best and biggest School of Music regarding Modern Music. Berklee is all about preparing students for a career in music.

‘Berklee was founded by Lawrence Berk, an engineer trained at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and veteran arranger with the CBS and NBC radio orchestras, who wanted to teach contemporary music and provide practical career preparation for the working musician.’ (

The director of the library, a very nice man who had studied himself at Berklee in the eighties, gave us a private tour
through the buildings of Berklee at Massachusetts avenue. The main entrance is still the same, with the same plastic purple chairs as in the eighties that are trendy now again. Only the wall of smoke as you came in twenty years ago, is gone, he told us. Though the building is quite old, the equipment is astonishing: mac’s everywhere, the latest developments on electornical music, dozens of ensemble studio’s. Students come from over 25 different countries, and professors come from over the world.

We also visited a ‘lunchconcert’  at 939, Berklee’s cafe. ArtEZ is not doing bad regarding at what I heard and saw at the most famous School of Music.

A very inspiring place. Everywhere music. Hopefully we come to some sort of cooperation with Berklee.

(to be continued)


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