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Empanadas en stroopwafels

This week 23 students from the United States, Canada, South-America and Asia visit Arnhem for a cultural start of their next year in The Netherlands. Every day they follow lessons to learn Dutch at HAN-University. 3 students stay with our family: Alina, Eliza and Maggie.

The favorite topic is food: Mexican food, American food and Dutch food. This week Eliza made delicious empanadas and guacamole.

Boiled Chicken wrapped in tortilla’s. Smashed brown beans, cheese, salsa sauce (boiled tomato’s, garlic and chili’s smashed with a little water and cream).

The day after we went to a Indonesian restaurant in the Steenstraat, where we ate rijsttafel. They told us about the things they learned in school. They sang the song: hoofd, schouders, knie en teen, ….Yesterday was the presentation at Rotary club Arnhem. Each student had to introduce her/hisself.

Tomorrow Maggie will make chickenwingdipsauce. I look forward to it. Tonight they are going out in town, and my daughter will introduce them to Creas. I won’t stay up to wait for them. It certainly will be late. Only two more day’s. I will miss them.


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