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Fablab at Han-University: how it happened

Last Thursday we openend at HAN-university the 5th Fablab in the Netherlands, the 8th Fablab of the Benelux. Glorianna Davenport,  of the medialab at MIT,  was present at the opening ceremony.

She gave us a very special gift: how to make your own chair by Klaas Gubbels. (By breakfast the day after, she already had worked out a wonderful concept about a chaircompetition by the FABlab). By coincidence the colleagues of the FABlab managed to make the same day several FABlab Chairs.  

Part of the ceremony was signing the license for FABLab Arnhem. Because Ton Zijlstra, chairman of Fablab the Netherlands, was not able to come in person, the signing ceremony took place by Skype, while Ton was at Schiphol. He toastes with us: we a glass with ‘bubbles’ and Ton a plastic bottle with water. Just like the tradition of the FABlab.  He posted a blog about this ceremony:

I was so glad to see that colleagues and students came from several  faculty’s: education, economy and technology. Jetty Schaap, dean of the faculty of Management, unfortunetly was not able to come. Titia Bredee, dean of the faculty of education was there and told us how important technology is for primary schools. In my view this one of the first great multidisciplinary lab at HANuniversity  where students and lecturers are working together.

And this is how it happened:

The celebration went on the same night at the Tai restaurant, where we sat together with all the ‘founders’ of the Fablab. There was also Jorg Rijkschroeff, just back from the United States, where he also visited the Media lab. (even voor de Nederlandse lezers: de oudoom van Jorg Rijkschroeff blijkt Paul de Blok te zijn, waarover ik eerder blogte. De wereld is klein)


Above some pictures from our dinner at the tai restaurant, on which Inez Kohlmann. She was what we call in The Netherlands ‘de stille kracht’ (the silent power) of this project.

Our social media expert Hans Mestrum posted already the same night the photo’s of the opening ceremony 0n his weblog, and is the author of the video’s.

It was a fabulous day! Better together!

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